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Interview: Over Thinking It For Camden Fringe

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Jaylie Wayling on Eat. Sleep. Ruminate. Repeat.

It’s amazing how some people can just go with their first thought, almost instinct, whilst others will ponder every little decision and come up with a hundred reasons why it might not be the best thing to do, slowly talking themselves out of something that really should make obvious sense! Jaylie Wayling clearly falls into that latter category. So much so, we were surprised how quickly she agreed to sit down and chat with us about her show, Eat. Sleep. Ruminate. Repeat. She even roped in a couple of colleagues to tell us a little more.

Eat. Sleep. Ruminate. Repeat. takes this concept of over-thinking everything and introduces us to Jaylie 2.0, the version of herself that she wishes she could be. You can catch the show when it plays for one performance only at Hen and Chicken Theatre on 6 August, although we’re sure they are already thinking about further dates, probably thinking about it a little too much in fact!

Great to meet you all. So who’s who and what brought you here?

Hello! I am Jaylie Wayling and I am the writer and co-performer of Eat. Sleep. Ruminate. Repeat. I am also a frequent ruminator and overthinker in my spare time. Nice to meet you all! Let me introduce you to the crazy talented team, who are my rock behind this show!

I’m Emma Sigurdsson, I’m the director of Eat. Sleep. Ruminate. Repeat. I was attracted to work on the project, not just because Jaylie is a dear friend, but because she really is a brilliant creative to work with. My favourite element of the show is its honesty. It comes through with honesty in its dialogue, characters and even charisma of humour, be it awkward or natural.

Hi I’m Marelyn Pielago and I play Jaylie 2.0! Honestly what drew me to the role was I fell for her charm and charisma. I loved her witty sense of humour and how zen she was most times which is good to have but not really in times when ‘Jaylie’ really needs her to listen.

I enjoy finding the subtext of each line that she says because she’s a playful, fully rounded and layered character, like we are as humans where we don’t know what’s truth and what’s a fib. So finding those moments when it is serious at times does hit different.

What was the inspiration behind the show?

My inspiration is basically every interaction I’ve ever had: the most ridiculously uncomfortable moments, the awkward interactions, the overly hyper crazed moments. All of these moments are re-lived for all to see! The play follows ‘Jaylie’ as she looks to the audience to help her on her overthinking spiral. Jaylie 2.0, the version of herself she wishes to be, free of worry and way cooler, tries to be of help but soon everything’s off on a tangent. This is an idea that has been hidden at the back of my head for over three years now. I’ve only started to bring it to life in the last year.

What can audiences expect from the show?

Expect a lot of chaos and doom thought spirals “omg why am I so awkward?” “everyone hates me”. Classic overthinking and getting carried away with myself before I have a moment’s breath. Imagine a TED talk-esque presentation sprinkled with club music. That’s the vibe.

What meal best describes your show?

An overstuffed burrito: it’s a mouthful, it’s chewy, a little sickly, a little spicy, it’s all over the shop brought together in a snug tortilla wrap.

Where are you playing, and why that venue?

We are playing at the gorgeous Hen and Chickens Theatre near Highbury and Islington Station on 6th August at 6pm. I chose this venue as I got a sense of warmth from everyone at the venue, you can really tell that they all want you to thrive. It is so lovely to be a part of a theatre that shares in the passion to just perform and create work that drives you.

What is it you want the audience to leave thinking about?

I hope people find a sense of comfort knowing that there are other people out there that think like them, that get lost in thought and the chaos of their heads. I hope to share in the silliness with my audience and find some joy in something that can be so stressful and consuming at times.

What words of advice would you give anyone thinking about doing Camden Fringe next year?

You just need to go for it. There’s no point waiting and pondering about whether it’s good enough. There are people who want to hear your story and find others who are similar to them. Don’t deprive the world of your talent.

Are there any plans for what comes next after August – for you or the show?

I want to unite overthinkers and create a think tank to develop the show further. Hopefully, take it to more venues and collect overthinkers like me along the way.

Is there one question you feel we should have asked you?

Are you okay?

Massive thanks to Jaylie, Emma and Marelyn for taking the time out of rehearsals to chat about the show.

You can catch Eat. Sleep. Ruminate. Repeat. when it plays at Hen and Chickens Theatre for one performance only on 6 August. Further information and tickets available here.

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