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Non-London Reviews

This page is for anyone wanting to chat to us about shows that aren’t in London. If you are requesting a review for a London show, please head here.

Why Do You Seperate London and Non-London?

As much as we want to make Everything Theatre national, it’s an ambition that is proving difficult to achieve. The main problem is finding reviewers from outside of London, and then keeping them interested by having enough shows for them to review. But we continue to try, so we thought it was about time we had a dedicated page for it.

We’ve Got A Show We’d Love You To Review

Then just fill out the form below. The show will be added to our list and if we any reviewers happen to be in the area and interested in your show, we’ll put them in touch with you.

What About EdFringe Shows?

Same again. Our Edinburgh coverage is going to be quite small this year, the cost of accommodation in August has finally broken us! But we will have a few reviewers coming up for short breaks, so feel free to put your show on the list below. To help us spot the Edinburgh shows, in the venue, please do just put EDINBURGH, we can work the venues out if we have a reviewer interested.

We’re A Regional Venue That Would Love To Get Reviews

Great, because we really do want to work with you. As we’ve said, the biggest problem is finding reviewers around the country. What we really need is to team up with some venues and work on finding bloggers who would be interested in having their reviews published on our site as well as their own blog. We reckon this is possible, it just needs us all to push in the same direction to get the word out.

If this sounds of interest, then drop us a line on the contact form here.

I’d Love To Get Involved In Reviewing Outside of London.

Then you are in the right place! We really need you. Maybe you have your own blog and just want to have your reviews published with us so they are seen by more people, maybe you’re just trying to gain some writing experience, or maybe you just want the chance to see lots of new theatre for free in exchange for writing a few words about it! Whatever the reason, we really want to hear from you.

Head on over to this page to get in touch, and in the “About You” section, just start by telling us where in the UK you are.

Ok, I’ve Read All That, I Want To Tell You About My Show Now.

Great, just complete the form below and your show will get added to our list.