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Promo image for Experiment Human, showing two people made up to look strange

Podcast: Third Time Lucky for Cumberbatch?

An update on the journey for Experiment Human

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Poster image for Teach Me About Dying, showing a man and woman back to back whilst a third figure, who we assume to be death, stands above them

Podcast: Vital Lessons on Life and Death

Mooski Theatre Company discuss Teach Me About Dying

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Podcast: Not to be mistaken for the David Bowie Song

Anna Krauze talks about her new play We Can Be Heroes

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Podcast: Is It A Show? Is It A Gig? No it’s a Gig Theatre Show

Rona Johnstone and Katie Slater discuss Mary: A Gig Theatre Show

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Feature: Kaleidoscope, Guildhall School of Music and Drama

In the hopes of spotting the next big thing

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Feature: Uncorking The Bottle

Lisa Gornick tells us about Drawing On The Bottle

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Feature: All your favourite CBeebies characters are coming to London!

A colourful CBeebies immersive adventure

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Feature: What actually is ‘sensory theatre’?

Oily Cart's Flossie Waite tells us about Sensory Theatre

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