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Podcast: Not to be mistaken for the David Bowie Song

Anna Krauze talks about her new play We Can Be Heroes

If you’re going to call your show We Can Be Heroes, well, for many of us it’s almost impossible not to follow that up with “just for one day” in honour of the classic David Bowie song.

But as Anna Krauze tells us, it has nothing really to do with that, but rather it’s a newly written play about what it means to be a superhero. Which all sounds rather intriguing doesn’t it.

Anna talks about the play that sees Peanut tell us about her brother, the superhero who was scared of the rain, thunder and just about everything else, so what makes him a superhero? We discuss this, why Edinburgh is still the aim for Anna, and what makes Camden Fringe such a great place to test out new work.

We Can Be Heroes plays as part of Camden Fringe 2024 at Lion and Unicorn Theatre from 12 – 14 August, more information and tickets available ⁠here⁠.

We Can Be Heroes

Camden Fringe 2024

Lion and Unicorn Theatre 12 – 14 August

We Can Be Heroes is the third production by the Passing Stranger Theatre Company, a newly written play about what it means to be a superhero.

The main character, Peanut, tells a story of their brother – a superhero scared of the rain, thunder and… everything else. So what makes a hero, really? Bravery or fear? What we run towards or what we run away from? The events that build us up or break us down? Through memories and stories of people who met their brother, Peanut unravels a painting of his life from childhood to adolescence, a point he never made it past. Maybe not all heroes are fit for the job… or maybe it is all a matter of perspective?

Written and performed by Anna Krauze. Directed by Coral Tarran.

Further information and tickets available here.

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