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Request A Review

(Our form on this page is currently not working correctly, we are looking into this. In the meantime, if you find it fails to send, you can email us instead – reviews @ everything-theatre.co.uk. Please include the show name, venue, booking link if possible, if it would be one or two tickets, and a brief synopsis of the show.)

After all, reviews are what we are all about, so of course we want to hear from you if you have a show you’d like us to consider for review.

Where Do We Review?

The majority of our coverage is in London. We are though always trying to expand that coverage. We’ve done reviews recently in Liverpool, Manchester, Chichester and Bristol. So always get in touch and tell us about your show, and if we have someone in the area, we’ll see if they can make it.

What about Edinburgh Fringe?

As with previous years, we will have a very limited coverage of Edinburgh Fringe again this year. At the moment it looks like we will have three different reviewers attending at different times. The individual reviewers will therefore be selecting their own shows and as far as possible, organising press comps via the Press Office. So whilst we always love getting your invites, at the moment we would suggest it is not worth sending us a review request for any Edinburgh shows.

What Do We Review?

Obviously frist and foremost, theatre, and within that, we like to focus as much of our time and attention as we can towards Fringe Theatre. We pride ourselves on being a site that gives opportunities to even the newest of theatre makers.

We will also dip our toe into theatre related booked and even some films. And we’ve done an art exhibition as well. Next thing we are thinking of covering is comedy, so do get in touch if that’s your thing. Basically if you think you have something that we might be interested in, just tell us about it. We will always consider every invite we get.

How Do We Decide What Gets Reviewed?

As we are fully volunteer run, we let our team pick and choose what they want to see. We collate all the invites together on one list that our reviewing team can check out at any time and tell us what they would like to see. If it’s your show, we’ll get in touch to hopefully get them booked in.

What Do You Need To Know For A Show to Be Listed?

There is some very basic information that makes our life a lot easier. So when you get in touch, please do try to include the following, and make it easy for us to spot:

  • Show title
  • Venue
  • Dates – if you have a press night, tell us that, if you are inviting us to any nights, tell us the from and to dates.
  • Start Time of the show – you would be amazed how often people forget to tell us this!
  • A link to more information – this can be the venue’s booking page, or if you have your own web page, give us that.
  • A brief synopsis of your show. We include a couple of lines about the show when we list them, so we can use what you tell us when we do.
  • Can you do a plus one? It’s not a deal breaker, we appreciate that for small shows, you are limited in how many tickets you can give away. But some of our team will only review with a plus one; sometimes because as they are giving up their free time, they want to make an evening of it with a partner or friend, sometimes, its because they don’t want to be out late at night alone. So do tell us if you can offer a plus one so we can make sure our reviewers know it is an option.

How Far In Advance Should We Contact You?

it’s never too early to invite us. Whilst most of our team probably only plan a few weeks ahead, some will plan a few months if a show takes their interest. We’ll list your show and keep it on the list right up to the week it’s playing.

We will also take review requests for shows in the next week or two, but we can’t often fill such late requests, it really depends if a reviewer finds they have some spare time and the show takes their interest. Never be afraid to ask, we will always try for you.

Our Show is Ready, We Want to Invite You:

Then just fill out the information below and we’ll add the show to our list.