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Suggest An Interview

We’re really trying to expand on our interviews for 2023. In 2022 we published 72 written interviews, 46 recorded podcasts plus a handful of guest posts. But in 2023 we want to do even more.

Who Will We Interview?

Obviously it’s mostly people talking about upcoming shows, but that’s not to say we wouldn’t be interested in other suggestions. If it looks like it would be of interest to our readers, we will absolutely consider other theatre related ideas, so just get in touch.

And it most certainly doesn’t have to be a show playing in London, we are also looking to support theatre all around the UK. So again, if you think you might have something worthwhile chatting about, let us know.

What Types of Interviews Can We Do?

Written Interview/ Q&A

The main option is a written interview, which we usually do as a Q&A. These are usually done via email. We would read up on the show and then email you a handful of open ended questions. Then you can reply in your own time with your responses and some images to add colour to the published article. It really is that simple.


For our podcasts, obviously it requires a little more planning, and we are very limited on how many of these we can do as we usually only publish one per week. Usually we record these in the evenings or weekends over Zoom, so if we are able to offer you this option, we’d suggest some dates to record and hopefully we could then put something together with you.

Guest Posts

For guest posts, it is very much about you suggesting an idea, and then if it sounds of interest to us, we’ll ask you to write it and send it in. Features can be a nice easy way to talk about different aspects of your show; in the past we’ve had playwrights talking about what inspired the play or going deeper into its themes and why they are important, through to actors talking about taking on a role and what it means to them. Really there are no wrong ideas for a guest post so if this sounds of interest, pitch us your idea.

How Do We Decide What Interviews To Do?

As we are fully volunteer run, a lot of the decision is purely down to time. We want to do as many interviews as we can, but we also have limited time available. So to be considered, it has to be a show we feel we could put together some good questions for. We also need plenty of time to put it all together, so if you want to do an interview, it’s best to get in touch earlier rather than later. We won’t usually take up offers that don’t have at least a few weeks before the opening night, as that doesn’t leave enough time to prepare and get it published at least a week or two ahead of time.

How To Request An Interview?

Very simply complete the form below. Then if we feel we can do something with you, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. All we really need for now is some general information and what you might be interested in doing.