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Contact us

If you want to get in touch about anything then please use the details below. We do love hearing from you.  Just remember though that as we are completely run by volunteers, we aren’t always able to reply straight away.  So be patient in getting a reply. We tend to do most of our emails in the evenings, but even so, still give us a few days to reply.

Review Requests
If you would like to have your show considered for reviewing, you can find out all you need to know here.

We offer some great value-for-money advertising offers, from website banners to social media campaigns. All the information you need, including prices, check out our Advertising page here.

Features and Interviews
We do not have the capacity to be able to write features or interviews about every production out there, however when something is particularly unique or interesting then we will endeavour to do so. If you think you might have something we’d like to cover, send us some information via the below form.

Competitions are win-win as far as we’re concerned – our readers get some free tickets, and your show gets some free advertising!

Competitions are giving their own page on our site, and then promoted via our social media channels.  Ideally they run for a week, but can be shorter if that’s what you need. If you want to know more about running a competition with us, check out our dedicated Comps page here.

We’re always on the hunt for reviewers, and not just in London, we really are trying to expand our coverage all over the country. Visit our applications page here for all the info you need and how to get in touch.

Everything Else
If you have any other questions, thoughts, or just want to tell us how great we’re doing, use the form below.