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We’re always on the look out for new people to join our team, whether as reviewers, editors, feature writers or all of the above. As a 100% volunteer run group, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming home for people who just have a shared love of theatre, and especially fringe theatre. After all, who doesn’t want to share their writing with an audience that in 2022 was over 120,000 readers, and for 2023, looking likely to be closer to 150,000.


Enjoy theatre (of course you do, that’s why you are reading this) and enjoy writing? Then you could be just who we’re looking for to join our wonderful team of reviewers. Better yet, you don’t need to just be in London to join, in fact, if you live outside London we really do want to hear from you more.

Interested? Great, take a read about what we’re looking for and get in touch. There’s a form at the bottom you can use to drop us a line.

What are the perks? Free tickets. Do we need to say more? All of our reviews are via official invites, and they come with a free ticket. Quite often there’s a plus one as well, so you can take a friend, or make it a very cheap date night! And if that wasn’t enough, sometimes we even get a free drink pre-show.

As well as that, it’s a great way to improve your writing as every review we publish goes through one of our editing team, and we’ll give feedback when time allows to tell you why we changed anything, as well as explaining what we liked or what we feel you could have done differently. We love seeing our reviewers develop their writing skills and are proud to say we’ve supported so many people in this way.

As if that wasn’t enough, it certainly makes a great entry on your CV if you are job hunting. Many of our reviewers have told us how it’s something that comes up when they have gone for job interviews, and even if the job you’re applying for has nothing to do with theatre or writing, it can still make your application stand out when you apply for your dream job.

And lastly, admit it, who doesn’t want to see their writing published online and read by thousands of people?

What if I know nothing technical about theatre? It doesn’t matter, nor do many of our reviewers when they first start writing for us. We’re not a site aimed only at theatre-buffs, we’re a site for everybody. We don’t mind if you don’t know any fancy theatrical terms, as long as you can explain why you enjoyed (or didn’t) what you’ve watched. Plus we’ll help you along the way with advice on what makes a good review and what you should be looking for. You might start with limited knowledge but you’ll be amazed how much you pick up when you start to look out for it.

What if I have my own review blog? No problem, we’re happy for you to post your reviews on your own blog as well as our site. We’ll even put a link to your blog on our site if you want. That way you get read by even more people and the chance to see even more shows. Plus, you get the assistance of our editors who could help improve your writing and give you some handy tips on making your writing even better.

You said you want to hear from people outside of London, that’s me and I would love to help out? We are actively trying to expand our reviewing team outside of London. We get so many invites from all over the country that we would love to be able to accept but right now we just don’t have too many people outside of London. So just tell us where you live and we’ll see if we can get you along to see some local offerings.

What about the time commitment? Everything Theatre is 100% volunteer run, all the way from reviewers to editors to those who keep it all ticking along, so we totally get that people cannot give up lots of their precious time. All we ask is that you commit to at least one review a month. Of course you can do much more if you want, we always have way more invites that we can cover. Trust us, we can keep you in theatre every night of the week if you wanted.

Interested or have questions we haven’t answered here? Then just fill out the form below. If you can include a sample theatre review we’ll get back to you from there. If you haven’t reviewed anything recently, maybe something from a while back, or something online. We’re more interested in seeing how you construct a sentence and frame your thoughts, so it doesn’t matter what or when the show was, just something so we read over so we know you have the basics to get you started as a reviewer for us.


All our reviews are checked over by an editor before publishing. Which is no easy task when we are at our busiest, so we can always do with more help. So if you want to help out then we’re keen to hear from you.

What’s Involved? You’ll have a keen eye for detail, so that you can give our reviews a thorough check-up. You’ll help in tidying them up and making small changes just to help our reviewers express themselves in a clearer fashion. Our team all have different experience and skills, so some reviews will require just a very light read over, others may need a little more work. We try to give feedback to all our reviewers, so that they can understand what was changed and why, and hopefully this will help them improve their writing from review to review.

What’s the time commitment? As everyone is a volunteer we realise you may not always be available. All we ask is that you try to edit one or two reviews each week – although sometimes you won’t be able to as other members of the team may already have done them all. A review can take from ten minutes to hopefully no more than thirty minutes, making it easy to just help when you have a little spare time.

Interview and Feature Writers

We’re also always looking for people to help with interviews and features, either writing them or again, editing. So if you wanted to get involved with those as well, we’d be only too pleased.

And of course if you wanted to also do some reviewing, we’ll get you set up to go out on a trial run as well.

Interested? Then just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.