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The Everything Theatre Team

Everything Theatre is a real group effort, how else could we review so many shows? Each and every person who writes for us is an important cog in the big wheel that keeps us running. Since we started in 2010, we’ve had more than 160 people write for us, and we hope to see that number continue to grow in the future. Some of our team have been with us since the very early days, others may only stay for a short while, but we appreciate each and every one of them for their contributions.

Whilst we are a fully volunteer run group, we do obviously need a few people running the show, and that’s what we call our Exec Team, those people who give up a little additional time to ensure things run as smoothly as they do. You can find out who those people are below.

Of course, the heart of everything we do is reviewing, we simply wouldn’t exist without reviewers. You can find out who our current reviewing team is here.

You can also see everyone who has ever written for us here. We’re appreciative of everyone person who has ever contributed, even if it was just one or two reviews, each and every one has helped us become what we are today.

And finally, whilst every reviewer is equally special to us, we decided that those who have ben around long enough to have raked up at least 50 reviews should get a special mention. So we decided to call them our Senior Reviewers – it was easier to give them an important sounding title than it was to pay them! You can see which of our team have achieved that honour further down the page here.

If you want to become part of our wonderful team, we’re always looking for new contributors. It doesn’t even have to be reviewing, we are keen to hear form you if you wanted to get involved with some feature writing, interviews and even editing. You can find out more about this here.

The ET Exec Team

Rob Warren

Chief Dogsbody

Rob joined the reviewing team in 2016. When ET’s original founders stepped down the year after, he offered to help out a little. That ‘little’ has grown quite a lot since then. Nowadays Rob is the one you’re most likely to hear from if you contact us about anything. He’s also the one who comes up with most of the mad ideas that others have to dissuade him from persuing.

Mary Pollard

Head Editor

Mary joined the team at the end of 2019 to help out with editing. Since then she has become invaulable in keeping things on track. Her (usually) sensible approach ensures we don’t go too wild with some ideas – so yes, she is usually the one telling Rob that his latest suggestion really isn’t that good!

Mary is also our resident expert on anything puppetry – what she doesn’t know about Zippy, (including the dark days he doesn’t like to mention) isn’t worth knowing.

Sidonie Ferguson

Social Media Guru

Sidonie has been helping out since 2018. She is our go-to person for all things social media, and has been a big reason why you will see us so much more active on Twitter, Facebook and, more recently, Instagram. She is also the one of our go-to people for anything West End musicals.

Clare Annamalai

Consulting Editor

Clare took over the reins in 2016 and has helped keep things afloat since. Whilst not quite so hands on at the moment due to two teenage daughters taking up most of her spare time, she is still the person whose calm and sensible head acts as a great mentor when needed.

Lily Middleton

Head of Recruitment

Whilst we may be all volunteers, we still take our recruitment of new reviewers seriously. After all, without a team of great reviewers, we’d not exist! And that’s where Lily comes in. She’s first point of contact if you want to come and write for us, leading you through our onboarding process and ensuring you are made to feel as welcome as possible. Oh and she’s the other go-to person for musicals, it’s a bun fight between her and Sidonie!

Dave Bushe

The Man With No Portfolio

Dave joined us at the start of 2022, and has quickly become another helpful cog in the wheel. In-between seeing more shows than is surely healthy, he assists with lots of behind the scenes admin and support to make our lives a whole lot easier. Basically, we give him the tasks no one else wants to do (just don’t tell him that).

Charlotte Boreham

Digital Creative

As much as we all think we know all the lingo and in’s and out’s of social media, let’s be honest, some of us are a little too long in the tooth to know how best to make use of some of it. So what better than some younger eyes to cast over such things, and that’s where Charlotte comes in. She’s been charged with the task of making us all look young and trendy. Which for some of us could be a hard sell.

Senior Reviewers

We don’t rank our reviewers but our Senior Reviewers have published more than 50 reviews for Everything Theatre and we’d like to take a small moment here to recognise and thank them for their contributions.

  • Emily Pulham

    Works in soap marketing. Emily is a British American Graphic Designer, serious Tube Geek, and football fan living in South West London. The only real experience Emily has with drama is the temper tantrums she throws when the District Line isn’t running properly, but she is an enthusiastic writer and happy to be a theatrical canary in the coal mine.
  • Irene Lloyd

    Currently a desk zombie in the public sector, Irene has had no formal training or experience in anything theatrical. She does, however, seem to spend an awful lot of her spare time and spare cash going to the theatre. So, all views expressed will be from the perspective of the person on the Clapham omnibus - which is what most audiences are made up of after all.
  • Kate Woolgrove

    Kate is a newcomer to London and currently wide-eyed in wonder at everything the city has to offer, including it’s incredible, diverse theatre scene. A PR / Communication executive by trade she’d been looking for an outlet to use her powers for good and producing honest, unbiased theatre reviews for Londoners seemed like just the ticket! When not immersed in culture at the theatre or scratching out a living in this wonderful (but ruinously expensive) city she’s usually to be found thoroughly investigating the dazzling array of drinking establishments in the capital or alternatively in the gym undoing all the damage she’s done.
  • Marianna Meloni

    Marianna, being Italian, has an opinion on just about everything and believes that anything deserves an honest review. Her dream has always been to become an arts critic and, after collecting a few degrees, she realised that it was easier to start writing in a foreign language than finding a job in her home country. In the UK, she tried the route of grown-up employment but soon understood that the arts and live events are highly addictive.
  • Mike Carter

    Mike Carter is a playwright, script-reader, workshop leader and dramaturg. He has worked across London’s fringe theatre scene for over a decade and remains committed to supporting new talent and good work.
  • Neil Johnson

    A Scottish South African Londoner. From being a TV presenter to an extra in Sinbad, and from being Big Ears in The Adventures Of Noddy to the evil Herr Zeler in The Sound Of Music, Neil had a fun acting career post graduating from theatre school. He stupidly made the promise to himself to stop acting if he didn't have his Oscar by 30 so as the big 3-0, and lack of a gold statuette, loomed he retired and is now a publicist. The arts is in his life blood so Neil will often be found in a theatre getting goosebumps from a play, balling his eyes out at a musical or interacting with a random piece of modern art in a gallery. From entering the world,quite literally, during a performance of The Towering Inferno, he's always had a passion for cinema and recently launched a film blog as the dream one day would be to be a full time film and theatre critic.
  • Nathan Blue

    Nathan is a writer, painter and semi-professional fencer. He fell in love with theatre at an early age, when his parents took him to an open air production of Macbeth and he refused to leave even when it poured with rain and the rest of the audience abandoned ship. Since then he has developed an eclectic taste in live performance and attends as many new shows as he can, while also striving to find time to complete his PhD on The Misogyny of Jane Austen.
  • Steve Caplin

    Steve is a freelance artist and writer, specialising in Photoshop, who builds unlikely furniture in his spare time. He plays the piano reasonably well, the accordion moderately and the guitar badly. Steve does, of course, love the theatre. The worst play he ever saw starred Charlton Heston and his wife, who have both always wanted to play the London stage. Neither had any experience of learning lines. This was almost as scarring an experience as seeing Ron Moody performing a musical Sherlock Holmes. Steve has no acting ambitions whatsoever.