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Podcast: Giving Spam A Second Chance

Sierra Sevilla chats about her show, For The Love Of Spam

Sierra Sevilla is a woman on a mission. And that mission is to convince us that spam (the food not the junk email) is worthy of another chance. For too long us Brits, as well as many other countries around the world, have scoffed at spam as just a cheap food from a forgotten era. But to Sierra it’s much more than that, it’s a memory of her home country, the tiny island of Guam, and it’s a versatile one as well, as she plans to show us in her show.

That show is For The Love of Spam, where she talks about spam, what it means to her, and its connection with modern-day colonialism. And here Sierra tells us more about that, as well as does a good job convincing us that we really should give this food another chance.

About the Artist

Sierra is a CHamoru/Filipina theatre maker in London, originally from the island of Guam. She’s passionate about shifting immigrant narratives, telling unique and diasporic stories that directly challenge the current political immigration rhetoric/policies. Using her Applied Theatre background, she uses multidisciplinary techniques to bring these stories to life.

For the Love of Spam

A multi-sensory, participatory one-woman show dedicated to two things: canned meat and colonialism. Find out how this (delicious) canned meat symbolises modern-day colonialism and threatens the very livelihood of a whole civilisation in these ‘West vs East’ political games.

Can this formerly Catholic, angry and God-fearing woman help educate (and feed) the masses, all while ‘liberating’ her island? Performed by CHamoru/Filipina theatre maker Sierra Sevilla, originally from the island of Guam and passionate about shifting immigrant narratives. Recipient of the Pleasance’s Charlie Hartill Fund 2024.

Following its successful Brazil tour and a sold-out run at the Pleasance Theatre in 2023, For the Love of Spam is embarking on a spam-tastic national and international tour in 2024.

Applecart Arts 18 – 21 April – tickets here.
Camden People’s Theatre 16 – 18 May – tickets here.
ConFest (Honolulu) 24 ­– 26 May – tickets here.
Edinburgh Fringe 29 July – 26 August – tickets here.

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