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Podcast: Adding Some Colour with Moulin Rouge

Tanisha Spring and Dom Simpson on performing in Moulin Rouge

We were graced with two West End stars for our latest podcast, in the forms of Tanisha Spring and Dom Simpson, who are currently starring in Moulin Rouge.

Tanisha and Dom sat down with Lily Middleton to talk about their careers, offer some advice to those who want to fill their shoes one day, and just how you manage your life when you’re working six evenings a week!

You can catch the pair performing by buying tickets here.

About Lily Middleton

Lily currently works at an art gallery, you might know it, it's in Trafalgar Square. When not gazing at masterpieces, she can be found in a theatre or obsessively crafting. Her love of theatre began with musicals as a child, Starlight Express at the Apollo Victoria being her earliest memory of being completely entranced. She studied music at university and during this time worked on a few shows in the pit with her violin, notably Love Story (which made her cry more and more with each performance) and Calamity Jane (where the gunshot effects never failed to make her jump). But it was when working at Battersea Arts Centre at the start of her career that her eyes were opened to the breadth of theatre and the impact it can have. This solidified a life-long love of theatre, whether in the back of a pub, a disused warehouse or in the heart of the West End.