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Podcast: We’re up with the Larks for Infants

James Lark on new musical Infants

This week’s guest on our Runn Radio show was James Lark. James is the writer and composer for a new musical from Tring Productions, Infants, which will be getting its stage debut at OSO Arts Centre between 14 and 17 July.

Infants takes us into Class 3 of school, where the children are on the brink of disaster: tactile Drew is a safeguarding hazard, Chloe’s obsession with Ryan threatens her friendship with queen bee Kaylee, and a noxious misunderstanding threatens the career of teacher Mr Finch. It’s just as well mobile phones aren’t allowed in school – the parents couldn’t possibly find out, could they?

We chat with James about the show, along with whether musicals are often dismissed as nothing more than lightweight, and just whether there is any political anology present with the poor behaviour of the kids shadowing that of some politicans!

14 – 17 July OSO Arts Centre – tickets here

21 July Quarry Theatre, Bedfond – tickets here

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