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The Ladykillers, Vaudeville Theatre

Adapted by Graham LinehamDirected by Sean Foley★★★★ Pros: The main cast are skilled in delivering slapstick comedy and have excellent comic timing. The set is also very impressive and innovative. Cons: Some people may be put off by the silly humour, which is reminiscent of The Pink Panther and Gambit. Our Verdict: Slightly chaotic but overall an enjoyable performance with some laugh out loud moments. Courtesy of Vaudeville Theatre Following a successful run at the Liverpool Playhouse in 2011 and ...

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Great Expectations, Vaudeville Theatre

Charles Dickens Directed by Graham McLaren ★★★ Pros: Enthusiastic performances from all the actors with their imaginative interpretations of the theatrical antecedents of Dickens’ characters. Cons: Lack of structure to the first half of the show lets it down, plus the use of only one (albeit beautifully crafted) set. Our Verdict: The show is visually impressive, but if you are a Dickens purist then go with an open mind. Banish those preconceptions and appreciate the fact that 150 years on, ...

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