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Podcast: What We Need Is More Pirates

Jacob Newton discusses his debut play, Breast-baring

Our guest this week is Jacob Newton. You may have come across Jacob if you’ve ever been to Lion and Unicorn Theatre as he is very often one of the cheerful people greeting you as you head in for your next theatre fix.

But right now Jacob has other things on his mind, primarily, his debut play, Breast-baring, which will be playing at, well, you can guess where! It will also be the debut for his theatre company Dawn Train Theatre.

Breast-baring introduces us to Annabel, a woman who hides in the corners of parties, if she is even invited. Until Annabel discovers the story of Anne Bonny, a ferocious pirate, and an idol who will lead Annabel to… well, that is what you will find out if you go and see the play.

But before then, why not find out more by listening to our chat with Jacob. We talk about the inspiration behind it, why he no longer sits in cafes nursing one coffee all day long, and whether there will be any sword fighting – and if so, has that increased his insurance premium?

Breast-baring plays at Lion and Unicorn Theatre from 26 – 30 September. Further information and bookings can be found here.


Lion and Unicorn Theatre

26 – 30 September

A story of obsession’s decay of self-identity, and the unknowable figure we blindly emulate.

Annabel is that woman who hides in the corners of parties, if she’s invited at all. A barista at a quirky little cafe, where customers rarely say hello; and her crush is barely aware of her existence.

Annabel is in need of a hero.

Anne Bonny is that woman who charged on ships, no care for an invitation. A brash pirate aboard a ship of fools, where she ruled the seas; and never gave up the chance to bed any man or woman she could find.

Anne Bonny is an idol.

When Annabel Bonnfield’s work crush presents her with the Holy Grail of women, in the sharing of a self published book about Notable Women Throughout History, so too arrives an opportunity for Annabel. An opportunity for a better life. One where she wings the girl and defeats the charming prince.

Annabel will live vicariously through this long-dead pirate rebel, trying her hand at a life brimming with confidence and promiscuity. As her obsession over this unknowable figure grows Annabel will embark on a journey of queer lovers, crumbling Cliffs, and phallic parries. 

But is any of this what Anne Bonny would’ve wanted?

Tickets available here.

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