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Podcast: I Wish My Life Were Like A Podcast

Alexander S. Bermange on I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical

For our latest podcast Amelia Braddick sat down with writer Alexander S. Bermange to talk about his musical, I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical. The show is fresh from a successful Edinburgh Fringe run, and right now is playing at Wilton’s Music Hall until 9 September, more information available here.

This comedic musical revue reveals everything you could want to know about musical theatre, and the people who love it – on both sides of the curtain!

Covering the journey from wide-eyed drama student to brattish diva or past-it chorus member, or bitter has-been (or never-was), this show lifts the lid on awful auditions, debilitating dance routines, mid-performance mishaps, backstage backstabbing, superfans and harsh critics – plus those magical moments that make it all worthwhile.

And so who better to grill Alexander about the show than one of our own musical theatre fanatics, Amelia.

You can read Amelia’s four star review of the show here.

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