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Podcast: We Meet Again Mr Bailey

Georgie Bailey on these words that’ll linger like ghosts till the day i drop down dead

Our latest guest on our Runn Radio show was Georgie Bailey. Georgie is well known on these pages for his work with Chewboy Productions and has been a regular interview guest. Chewboy’s latest show, these words that’ll linger like ghosts till the day i drop down dead comes to The Pleasance from 13 June, so it seemed the perfect time to sit down and ask the one question that is surely on everyone’s lips – why on earth have you given your show such a long title?!

But we do more than just moan about the length of that title, we also discuss what the play is actually about, whether because of its space themes there will be any zero gravity special effects and what else Chewboy are planning for the year. We also get a little history about how Chewboy came into being, something we cannot believe we’ve never actually asked when he has been our guest before.

these words that’ll linger like ghosts till the day i drop down dead

The Pleasance

Tuesday 13 – Saturday 24 June

‘and every sun we’d walk towards would always be setting, in that beautiful place between the lightness and the dark.’

Two living, breathing people face each other in a theatre space. One is here to help. The other is here for redemption.

These words that’ll linger like ghosts till the day I drop down dead is a brand-new experimental play from the multi-award-winning playwright Georgie Bailey, exploring the things we wish we’d said to those that have left, how effective art is as a coping therapy mechanism, how we manage grief and how ultimately, we can never change the past no matter how hard we try.

Further information and bookings can be found here.

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