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Podcast: It’s Almost Time for Happy Hour

Writer Andy Walker and Director Lesley Manning talk all things Happy Hour

We chat with writer Andy Walker and director Lesley Manning as they prepare to bring their new show Happy Hour to Upstairs at the Gatehouse.

Happy Hour finds Jacqui confronting her inner demon, who happens to be called George, and who is constantly tempting her to keep drinking. As we hear, whilst a work of fiction, the play comes from Andy’s own fight with drink, although he has been sober for a few decades now.

The play comes to Upstairs at the Gatehouse from 16 – 28 May

Happy Hour

Upstairs at the Gatehouse

16 – 28 May

Jacqui has a problem: herself. She’s controlled by an internal demon named George. George is everything Jacqui would like to be: funny, attractive, sociable. But George’s purpose is tempting Jacqui to drink alcohol. Jacqui doesn’t need much tempting. And drinking is killing her.

Jacqui needs to break free from the self-slavery of addiction and regain her soul. However, George isn’t prepared to free his captive without a titanic struggle.

HAPPY HOUR tackles a truly universal subject – alcohol addiction – with an imaginative blend of comedy and drama.

Written by Andy Walker and directed by Lesley Manning.

Tickets avaiable here.

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