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Podcast: Time travel, Glitter Balls and Dodo’s

The Not God Complex on new show All In Good Time

Our latest guests are Billie Grace and Zoe Glen from The Not God Complex. This is their second time on our podcast, having previously appeared to talk about What Makes A Body Terrifying, which was part of Camden Fringe 2022. We described that show as “abstract. Weird. Confusing” as well as “visually and aurally beautiful from start to finish.” You can read the full review here.

Their next show, All In Good Time, will be playing as part of Vault Festival 2023. time around they promise us a show about our different perspectives on time, with a dash of ADHD time travel, dodo’s, disco balls and no doubt a whole lot more. We have a feeling it could be as weird and wonderful as their last show!

We chat about the show and why they are so interested in the concept of time, what they learnt from Camden Fringe in the summer, and so much else besides. It was a joyful conversation filled with a lot of laughter.

All In Good Time plays at Vault Festival 24 – 27 January. Further information can be found here.

All In Good Time

Vault Festival, 24 – 27 January

You know that we are celebrating because there is a countdown. We don’t know what it’s for…but we. are. excited.

We don’t know what its for, but we are excited.

Because we’re here today, to celebrate….time.

You know that we are celebrating, because we sent you an invitation.

Inviting you to join us, in whatever way, space, place and time you please.

Inviting you to tell us, to hear us, to sit in silence with us to give us your time or to take up ours.

This show is a joyous celebration of divergent perspectives of time on stage – featuring movement; poetry; ADHD time-travel; projection; (optional) audience interaction, dodos, disco balls and whatever else we have time for.

This piece is based in ideas of neurodiversity, and that we all experience time differently. As audience, you create your own experience through interactive tools, letting us know how you would like this experience of time to go.

Further information and bookings here.

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