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Camden Fringe Audience Feedback: Stag Nation

Average Audience Rating: ★★★★½

Everything Theatre Rating: ★★★

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Until 14th August at The Colonel Fawcett

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Lily Spendlove, Essex – ★★★★★
“Loved it and laughed as hard as the first and second time I saw it.”

Ashley Collins, London – ★★★★
“Was really entertaining, really funny and the characters were great. Only criticism would be the ending, which deserved a bit more.”

Amanda Cameron, Barking – ★★★★★
“Great show, very funny, entertaining and value for money. Acting was really good especially newcomer Brittany Adkins who played Dave and most of all it made me laugh – really loud :-)”

Ruska Shaw, London – ★★★★★

“Great show! Fun and original plot delivered by a very talented cast. Guaranteed to give you a good laugh!”

Jack Harrison, Manchester – ★★★★
“Stag Nation is the hilarious account of the morning after a heavy stag night. The play covers issues of friendship, gender, stereotypes and the intertextuality between each of these topics.

Two actors in particular were outstanding – B Atkins and E Registe. Atkins’ performance was engaging from the outset. She was able to express a vast range of emotions and flip between them with ease. Bravo.

Registe enters the play just as you feel there is going to be a lull in the action. The energy he brings lifts the whole play back on track and injects a fresh dynamic into the second half.

All in all Stag Nation was very enjoyable, well constructed and with laugh out loud moments!”

Tess N, London – ★★★★★

“A captivating and funny cast combined with lots of boob grabbing and some nudity, had me laughing out loud. Ami Sawran, Brittany Atkins and Laura Astin are definitely the ones to look out for, I predict big things for them… A great story line, with an interesting twist, I recommend you see this play!!!”

Ben Crabb, London – ★★★★★
“Fresh, original and highly entertaining. Fast paced and clever characters. A must see.”

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