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Camden Fringe: An Insomniac’s Guide To Ambulances, London Jewish Cultural Centre

Part of Camden Fringe 2013
Rachel Creeger and Aryeh Myers
Time2shine Productions


Pros: Enjoyable and entertaining, lots of emotional material and some interesting directorial decisions.

Cons: Bare set and props make the show feel a bit raw

Our Verdict: An interesting and enjoyable new play.

Courtesy of London Jewish Cultural Centre

So, have you ever wondered how life as an insomniac paramedic would be? Ever fancied days and nights filled with action and drama, dotted with rewarding gratitude and life-saving decisions to make you feel like a local hero? All you need to do to get a glimpse of this arguably enviable thrill is come and see this interesting new play co-written by Aryeh Myers and Rachel Creeger. Based on Myers’ extensive experience as an insomniac paramedic himself, this play is more than just a day at the office. There is fun and wit here, alongside personal dramas and a storyline that slowly reveals the drama behind our hero Leo’s (Dimitri Shaw) insomnia. Every encounter with emergencies revealed on stage is increasingly personal to Leo and when he decides to take group lessons with a therapist (Josh Burdett) to rid of his insomnia, he won’t be able to hide his turmoil from his disgruntled yet still loving wife Hannah (Stacey Evans).

This is an enjoyable play that won’t fail to attract interest from the audience. It has a well-defined story and lots of meaty emotional material. Some interesting directorial decisions include creating an echo of voices to good dramatic effect and strong character development . The acting wasn’t always consistent and the pace could have been faster at times but overall this is a very enjoyable show and a very interesting writing duo to watch out for in the future.

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An insomniac Guide to Ambulances runs at London Jewish Cultural Centre until: Thursday 15thAugust 2013
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  1. I thought this was a great insight into the life of a paramedic. It was very brave and must have been a tough decision for those involved to do and the outcome was really entertaining and insightful. The acting was very good and I felt that the minimalistic stage props just added to the play itself. The audience interaction was good and direction excellent. Only one or two occasions was I a little lost, but soon realised what was occurring and I must say I enjoyed the play very much.

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