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The Suicide, The Space

Nikolai Erdman Directed by Adam Hemming ★★ Pros: An unexpectedly funny script and a full cast with great comic timing and energy. Cons: The performance was shallow overall, relying totally on comic delivery. Moments which weren’t funny but had true potential to be meaningful were rushed through and caused confusion later. Our Verdict: A valiant but ultimately ineffective effort to make this 20th century Russian play refreshing for new audiences. Courtesy of The Space Arts Centre Space Productions’ current show ...

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One Festival, The Space

A showcase of monologues ★★ Pros: A great platform for new work, and a real mixture of different genres and tones. Cons: The four shows together make the evening quite long, and some scripts that would benefit from further workshopping. Our Verdict: A nice and worthwhile survey of different styles of theatrical work and a peek into some upcoming talent, but not fully polished and a bit lengthy. Courtesy of The Space Programme B Deirdre and Me, Rachael Halliwell  Woman ...

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Fulfil Me Fully, Phil, The Space

Written and directed by Sebastian Rex★★★ Pros: Interesting concept, with a great performance by the eponymous Phil. Cons: Some of the characters can come across as overly simplistic. Our Verdict: A good night out, if you have the energy to travel to the venue! Courtesy of The Space Even after a quite a few years in the London theatre scene, I must say that I wasn’t aware of The Space, which is a great shame. The charming venue, admittedly, is ...

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Nightmare, The Space

Roger MossDirected by Peter Snee★★ Pros: Some good performances and character interaction. Cons: A clichéd evening where the acting, direction and script didn’t quite create the perfect recipe overall. Our Verdict: Not great I’m afraid, but a decent attempt at the (extremely difficult) on stage horror which may get better with time. Courtesy of The Space When I finally found The Space in East London, it was last thing I think I expected. I had disembarked the train at Canary ...

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Scallywags, The Space

Presented by SOOPDirected by Nathan Chapman★★★★ Pros: Highly talented and dynamic cast, clever and simple design, interesting subject. Cons: The stakes of the story often took a back seat to the comedy, leaving something to be desired from the conclusion. Our Verdict: A fantastically funny and clever tribute to some unsung heroes of World War II – a history lesson without the lecture! Courtesy of The Space The first thing you should know about SOOP’s production of Scallywags at The ...

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Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens, The Space

Book and Lyrics by Bill RussellMusic by Janet HoodDirected and Choreographed by Joseph C Walsh★★★ Pros: Showcases some strong young and up-and-coming talent. The Space, a converted church with a warm, spiritual interior, nicely augments the memorial and celebratory nature of the piece. Cons: Powerful vocals were occasionally too great for the space. The storyline is slightly overdone, and the running time a bit too long. Our Verdict: A tight-but-slightly-dated production with an important theme and story to tell (the ...

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