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Camden Fringe: The Murderettes, Phoenix Artist Club

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013Improvisation presented by The Murderettes★★ Pros: Unique concept for improv, great dead pan humour at times. Cons: Dragged quite a lot in places. One scenario was drawn out for too long. Our Verdict: Admirable attempt to explore and develop the improv comedy genre. Courtesy of The Murderettes The Murderettes are a murder mystery themed comedy improv group. The premise is simple but inventive. The small group of comedians start by asking the audience to give ...

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Camden Fringe: You Can’t Have Us, The Phoenix Artist Club

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013Written and performed by Peter Edwards and Jethro Bradley★★★★ Pros: Lots of quality lines, more subtle than their voluntary filth may suggest. Good tempos and a good balance between the two. Cons: Some may find a few lines a bit too filthy, but is that so bad? But best leave the kids at home, just in case. Our Verdict: A very funny and enjoyable two-man show that is guaranteed to give you an uplifting giggle. Quality stand-up ...

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Camden Fringe Audience Feedback: Is He A Bit Simon Jay?

Average Audience Rating: ★★★★½ Until 21st August at The Phoenix Artists Club Book tickets for Camden Don Rouse, London – ★★★★★ “Simon Jay is a performer who makes a clear impact on an audience: looks, moves and acting are special and captivating. His show, Is He A Bit Simon Jay, beautifully co-written with Scott Payne, looks like a fast-paced filming of a life (recently deceased Simon), complete with brilliant scene-blocking blackouts at the clap of a hand, clapperboard style.  Dead Simon’s ...

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Camden Fringe: The Wrong Side of Right, The Phoenix Artist Club

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013Danielle MeehanDirected by Simone Watson ★★★★ Pros: An innovative autobiographical take on life as a jobbing actor. Cons: Outside the room of the performance it was a bit noisy, so that was occasionally distracting. Our Verdict: A very personal and universal story that bristles with intelligence and wit. As I write this review, The Catherine Tate Show is on in the background – the sketch where the Courtesy of The Phoenix Artist Club affluent mother ...

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