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The Parasite, Theatro Technis – Review

Ivan Turgenev Adaptated by The Acting Gymnasium Directed by James O’Donnell ★★★ Pros: Comical and poignant. A good evening of entertainment from an updated Russian classic. Cons: A more fully furnished set would have added to the experience but it’s a minor quibble. Our Verdict: A modern, accessible production that serves as a great introduction for anyone new to the works of Turgenev. Courtesy of Theatro Technis It was my first visit to the Theatro Technis in Camden, just a short ...

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The Seagull, Theatro Technis

Anton Chekhov Directed by Gavin McAlinden ★★★ Pros: A terrific Chekhov script with some interesting performances. Cons: This show has plenty of moments which fall flat and are not quite believable. Our Verdict: An unusual production of a classic play which tends to be a bit samey elsewhere. It’s certainly nice to see these characters getting a revamp. Courtesy of Theatro Technis Much as I love The Seagull, it is one of those plays I’ve seen once too often. Chekhov ...

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A Month in the Country, Theatro Technis

Ivan TurgenevDirected by Gavin McAlinden★★★ Pros: An interesting and entertaining story performed by an energetic and well-balanced ensemble. Cons: The lengthy Russian classic suffered some dull ruts. Our Verdict: An enjoyable and refreshingly simple period piece that succeeds despite some dragging. Courtesy of Theatro Technis The Acting Gymnasium allows actors to explore classic works by writers such as Turgenev and Chekhov among others, and their current production at the Theatro Technis is Turgenev’s dramatic comedy, A Month in the Country. ...

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