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Child Z, Drayton Arms Theatre – Review

Sarah Hehir Directed by Suzette Coon★★★ Pros: Bold choice of subject matter. The story has a good focus and is clear in its delivery. The dialogue is strong and, even within a rehearsed reading, the performances are excellent. Cons: Despite good character development, this play is missing a message and is too sensitive in its approach, leaving little impact on the audience. Furthermore, I felt the narrative verses between the scenes did little to enhance the story. Our Verdict: If ...

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The Platform, The Bread and Roses Pub

Johnny Did Not Come Marching Home, by Sharon M. Andrews, Directed by Tom Skitt Just Desserts, by Will Howells, Directed by Nathaniel Francis Skeleton, by David Payne, Directed by Kuba Drewa Cold Calling, by Suzette Coon, Directed by Tessa Hart Hamlet in Hiding, by Rich Rubin, Directed by Dominic Danson ★★★ Pros: A great survey of new works that showcase some truly blossoming talent. Cons: Not all the pieces are well-fleshed out, and some still require a lot of work. ...

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Festopia, Theatre503

Presented by Little Pieces of Gold ★★★★ Pros: This production is filled with a wonderful variety of wit and humour, clever concepts and poignancy. The writing is mostly top notch and the cast work very well together. Cons: There are a few moments that could be tightened up a tad. One of the plays lost me a little and another felt a bit flat and uninteresting compared to the energy of the others. Our Verdict: This is really worth seeing. As ...

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