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In-Finite Space, Science Museum – Review

IJAD Dance CompanyArtistic Director Joumana Mourad★★★★ Pros: Fearless, approachable experimental performance infused with fun and innovation. Collaboration between the dancers and beatboxer/vocal sculptor Jason Singh, who scores the show live on stage, is quite extraordinary. Cons: Site lines from all angles in the space are not perfect and action is blocked from certain places. There is sometimes too much happening at once while the stage is not always used to its fullest. Our Verdict: IJAD Dance Company have found a ...

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X&Y, Science Museum – Review

Presented by Twin Primes Theatre Company Directed by Dermot Keany ★★★ Pros: A noble attempt at sharing the glory of mathematics with the wider public. Cons: Erratic storyline, making it difficult to follow. Too in depth for maths-novices, too shallow for maths-lovers. Our Verdict: A nice concept, but leaves some confused and others disappointed. Credit: AKA Promotions Mathematics and theatre is an unlikely combination, albeit one which is close to my heart. I happen to be one of the rare ...

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