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Pity, Royal Court – Review

Pros: British clichés and drama tropes are nailed, aided by a vast number of fun props and different music styles, from rap to community brass band tunes. The cast is a deliberate cross-section of modern Britain, with some stand-out performances. Cons: At times it feels like the weirdness factor is cranked up just for a reaction, with little relevance to the plot. A seemingly relentless war section labours its writer’s and director’s point. It must be a nightmare to clear ...

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There Has Possibly Been An Incident, Soho Theatre – Review

Chris Thorpe  Directed by Sam Pritchard ★★★ Pros: An insightful look into violence and moral ambiguity in the modern world. Cons: Extremely inaccessible and demanding of its audience. I found the staging and the general style of performance very difficult to engage with. Our Verdict: This was very difficult to engage with. Brilliant in some ways, but certainly not easy watching. Courtesy of Soho Theatre I have to say, I feel a little guilty for not having loved this show. It ...

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