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Review: No One, Omnibus Theatre

Flying pizzas, flying chairs, flying five pound notes. No wonder the seaside town of Wellstone is in turmoil. The sergeant is convinced it’s ghosts: it’s certainly a baffling case for Inspector Tate (Owen Bleach). And he’s not too happy when London sends down his nemesis, the mysterious Rodriguez (Flo Wiedenbach) to investigate the disappearance of an American waitress (a powerful performance from Lexie Baker). It seems everything centres around Norwegian resident Tom Marvel (Halvor Schulz), who has suddenly gained miraculous ...

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Interview: Rosanna Mallinson on ImmerCity

ImmerCity stage site-specific immersive murder mysteries. The three shows to date have been set in The London Museum of Water and Steam, Kensington Library, and St Matthew’s Church in Bethnal Green. They all follow the same format: the audience plays in groups of six or seven, each person following one of the actors as they move through different spaces and interact with other members of the cast. In the interval, each audience group reconvenes to discuss and compare what they’ve ...

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The Unholy Marriage of Slice and Sweetly – St Matthews Church – Review

ImmerCity’s lastest immersive murder mystery takes place in and around St Matthews Church in Bethnal Green. It’s 1955, and memories of the war still resonate. You’re present at the wedding of Jim Slice, son of East End gangster Micky, to Maud Sweetly, the daughter of feisty widow Cheryl. But Maud has failed to show up; and neither her twin sister, nor her cousin Bernie, can explain why. It’s left to the priest, Reverend Gris, to keep the two warring families ...

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Dead Quiet – Kensington Central Library, Review

Pros: An immersive theatre show in which you get to challenge the actors in your quest to reveal the truth Cons: The cramped library setting sometimes makes it hard to witness all the events It’s 1962, and Kensington Central Library is host to a sparsely-attended lecture on Cuban music – coinciding with the Cuban missile crisis, during which the world came as close as it has ever been to all-out nuclear war. A man is found murdered shortly after the ...

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Crashed, Lowerwood Court Car Park

by Immercity Theatre CompanyDirected by Rosanna Mallinson★★★ Pros: Another well thought out production by Immercity which provides many of the components for brilliant immersive theatre. Cons: If you haven’t done the research, I don’t think this works quite so well. If you have done the research, you may feel that what you have looked up isn’t expanded on as much as you’d have hoped. Our Verdict: Give it a go. Immersive theatre is a popular form of entertainment at the ...

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Wyrd, Secret Location in Southwark (site-specific)

Clancy Flynn Directed by Rosanna Mallinson ★★★★★ Pros: The best immersive theatre I’ve seen in a very long time. Cons: The murder mystery style acting isn’t to everyone’s tastes.  Our Verdict: Be inside a horror film: a fabulously fun evening that gets under your skin. You’ll be talking about this one for a while. Courtesy of Immercity Waiting for a show to start has never made me so excited. This immersive performance begins the moment you arrive, with the actors ...

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