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In the Kingdom of the Blind, Network Theatre

Brian McMahon, Charlie Howitt and Kit Spink. Directed by Andrea Brooks, Tracy Collier, Steve Hudson, Zois Pigadas, Jason Warren★★ Pros: Strong performance by Kit Spink who delivers an absorbing monologue during the play. Cons: The play jumps around from main plot to subplot, without any structure. It is not clear why the three characters have shunned modern life to sit shivering in a tent with a small ration of jaffa cakes.Our Verdict: Lack of clear purpose lets the play down. ...

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Dr Faustus, Network Theatre

Christopher Marlowe, adapted by Bernie C. Byrnes Director Bernie C. Byrnes ★★★ Pros: The themes of the play (the corruption of power and the struggle between personal morality and worldly temptation) are acutely condensed into an intelligent view on the faults of society today.  Cons: While the actors clearly understood the play inside out and presented an impressively cohesive and entertaining piece in half the usual rehearsal time, it did lack a certain polish.  Our Verdict: This play as a ...

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