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A Girl & A Gun, Pleasance Theatre – Review

Pros: A powerful, charged work featuring a strong central character Cons: The second performer appears awkward, never having seen the script before; neither actor produces emotional engagement A man and a woman stand in front of microphones on a largely bare stage, their actions filmed from two angles and projected onto a screen behind them. She’s confident and authoritative, as well she might be, for she both devised and wrote this play. He’s nervous, unsure of himself; he’s never seen ...

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Pretty Ugly, Camden People’s Theatre – Review

Written and performed by Louise Orwin ★★★★  Pros: The serious and contemporary subject matter that affects all of us.  Cons: The show dragged at times, becoming repetitive and overstating points.  Our Verdict: A timely, powerful performance exploring the brutal digital world of teenage girls.  Courtesy of Louise Orwin The question “am I pretty or am I ugly?” is the premise of Louise Orwin’s Pretty Ugly, which explores a disturbing online trend in which teenage girls post videos and photos of ...

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