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The Spanish Tragedy, Blue Elephant Theatre – Review

Thomas Kyd Directed by Ricky Dukes ★★★★ Pros: An easy to understand, highly watchable production of this Elizabethan play edited down to an hour and a half and performed by a highly skilled cast. Cons: Unusual lighting choices, constant smoke and a hot theatre made for a somewhat uncomfortable viewing experience. Our Verdict: The quick pace, use of physical performance, modern costumes and well-crafted performances make this production by one of Shakespeare’s contemporaries a refreshing alternative to typical classical theatre ...

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Dido, Queen of Carthage, Greenwich Theatre

Christopher Marlowe Directed by Ricky Dukes ★★★ Pros: The puppetry was wonderfully executed and gave the play a strong sense of ingenuity. Cons: A lot of long speeches were delivered standing on the spot, so it was easy to lose interest after a little while. Our Verdict: A bold depiction of Marlowe’s tragedy holding an enticing taste of creative originality which, with a more visually stimulating set and pattern of movement, could well be fulfilled. Courtesy of Lazarus Theatre Company ...

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Lear, Greenwich Theatre

William ShakespeareDirected by Ricky Dukes★★★ Pros: Flashes of real quality and originality in the staging. Cons: Certain aspects of the staging didn’t quite work. Our Verdict: A hit and miss production which was admirable in its risk-taking and ingenuity. It had a nice pace but fell flat on a few occasions. Courtesy of Greenwich theatre Like many of my contemporaries, I studied Lear for A-Level. I remember my English teacher would turn up to class seemingly drunk – shirt untucked, ...

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Oedipus, Blue Elephant Theatre

Sophocles Directed by Ricky Dukes ★★★★ Pros: A brilliant example of how Greek Tragedy can be made relevant to the modern day, and accessible to all audiences. Cons: One or two moments of slightly “shouty” acting where more emotion could perhaps have come through. Our Verdict: This production of the famed Sophocles masterpiece is fast-paced and gritty for its entirety, ingeniously proving that the intimidating genre of Greek Tragedy is both applicable to the current day and hugely enjoyable. Courtesy ...

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Blue Elephant Theatre

William ShakespeareDirected by Ricky Dukes★★★ Pros: A nice, wintery feel to a traditional summer tale (who doesn’t love a good snow machine?). Smooth and creative scene changes, a terrific performance from Bottom and quite a few very funny moments (though mostly thanks to Bottom). Cons: Some of the performances require toning down and sadly the show never quite comes together fully. Our Verdict: A promising production which still requires a lot of improvements to make it work really well. The ...

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