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Cheese, Oxford Street – Review

Nikki SchreiberDirected by Dan Barnard & Rachel Briscoe★★★★ Pros: A quirky play within a play that offers lots of laughs, gags and good humour, as well as a serious and meaningful contemplation of the causes and consequences of the economic collapse. Cons: Despite being told in allegorical form and presenting several perspectives, the message and tone of the production did feel overtly didactic at times. Verdict: Cheese offers a unique experience in more ways than one. A sharp dissection of ...

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Unbroken Line, Ovalhouse Theatre

Jamie ZubairiDirected by Kath Burlinson★★★ Pros: A fantastic and engaging one-man performance, funny and poignant. Cons: Some higher stakes would have really sealed the deal for this piece. The incorporation of visual art into the performance was perhaps overstated somewhat. Our Verdict: An entertaining and thoughtful exploration of personal and artistic identity. Courtesy of the Ovalhouse Jamie Zubairi is a writer, painter, actor, and dancer, and in the Ovalhouse Theatre’s current upstairs production, Unbroken Line, he showcases all of his ...

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