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Camden Fringe: Pause, Collection Theatre, Lord Stanley

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013by Serena Haywood Directed by Tutku Barbaros★★★★ Pros: Wonderfully tense. An incredibly sad subject matter tackled bravely and performed extremely well. Cons: The characters’ monologues tended to drag in many parts. Some aspects didn’t really bring anything to the production and could be trimmed. Our Verdict: Poignant, heartbreaking and rough around the edges. Courtesy of Moustache Contraption Twinkle-toed, blue-eyed Chris ends up in a vegetative state after falling from a wall in his early twenties. ...

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Camden Fringe Audience Feedback: I Strongly Suspect He Would Have Grown Up To Do Great Evil

Average Audience Rating: ★★★★★   18th-21st August at Collection Theatre, Lord Stanley Book tickets for Camden     Jeff Thomas, London – ★★★★★“While ‘nature vs nurture’ may ultimately be the theme of Ryan Rogers’ darkly comic one woman play, it’s by no means the only great ponderable under the spotlight in this shadowy, absorbing drama. Through a highly dexterous, powerful performance, nineteen year old Livvy Lynch, unpicks the mysterious suicide note of the play’s title via the eyes of six ...

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Camden Fringe Audience Feedback: Whispers Turn into a Cry

Average Audience Rating: ★★★★Everything Theatre Rating: ★★★ Read our Review! 5th-6th August at Collection Theatre, Lord Stanley More information on Seemia Theatre Company Anonymous – ★★★★ “This is a performance you will most likely remember, because it makes you to dig into the memories you haven’t thought of for a long time. This is kind of cool and shows that the performers are successful in creating the feeling of nostalgia for the audience. I really liked some of the tiny ...

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Camden Fringe: Whispers Turn into a Cry, Collection Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 Presented by Seemia Theatre Company ★★★ Pros: Performers were fearless. The accompanying live musical, particularly the vocals, were hauntingly unique. Cons: A lack of narrative Verdict: This is a brave piece, probably not for those looking for a fluffy piece of evening entertainment. Most definitely on the upper end of the experimental scale. Courtesy of Seemia Media Co. I’m always a little bit weary of a show whose synopsis I can’t quite get a ...

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Camden Fringe Audience Feedback: Bitter Water

Average Audience Rating: ★★★★½ Everything Theatre Rating: ★★★ Read our Review! Until 4th August at the Theatre Collection, Lord Stanley More information  Marjorie Lovegrove, London – ★★★★ “An intriguing and atmospheric production from this charismatic young company. No time to let the mind have a little wander! It compelled one from the start. I must also comment on the excellent, original music. Well done to all!” Jenny Hall, Harold Wood – ★★★★★“I was very impressed with the high standard of this show. Excellent writing ...

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Camden Fringe: Bitter Water, Collection Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 Steve FitzgeraldDirected by Paul Edward Linghorn ★★★ Pros: Atmospheric, unnerving, good use of sound and light. Cons: The internal logic behind certain elements isn’t always consistent. Our Verdict: Enigmatic piece that takes a walk on the dark side. Courtesy of Pandamonium Performance Bitter Water is a play that wears its influences openly – German Expressionism, David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick – and unapologetic in its non-naturalistic style. Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s The Visit is also a big ...

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