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Children of Fate, CLF Art Café – Review

Juan Radrigan Translated and directed by Robert Shaw ★★★★ Pros: The beautifully constructed, sweet characters you get to know throughout the performance. Cons: Not a play I’d recommend for a light-hearted evening at the theatre. Our Verdict: Culturally relevant and heartbreaking, with topics that open eyes and chill spines. Courtesy of Inside Intelligence Children of Fate (Hechos Consumados), written by Chilean playwright Juan Radrigan is currently running at the CLF Art Café in Peckham. Something of a hidden venue right ...

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Dorian Gray, CLF Arts Café – Review

Oscar WildeAdapted by Poise Performance★★★ Pros: It looked great. Used dance and movement in a visually arresting way along with projections, music and art. Cons: Casting a woman as Henry Wotton fundamentally changed the nature of the story and the acting wasn’t up to scratch. Our Verdict: This is a new company with a solid foundation that, with careful development, will be one to watch. Courtesy of Poise Performance Taking place in CLF Café/Bussey Building in the middle of trendy ...

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Abandon, CLF Arts Cafe – Review

Carrie Byrne & Cat RosarioDirected by Natasha Markou★★ Pros: An honest portrayal of life with the refreshing reminder that the good guy doesn’t always win. Cons: The narrative lacked real punch. Our Verdict: This is a live performance with a cinematic feel and structure. It would perhaps translate better on screen to articulate subtle themes and ideas more clearly. Courtesy of The Bussey Building The world of internet dating opens up a field of great material for the screen and stage ...

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City Love, CLF Art Café – Review

Simon Vinnicombe Presented by The Orange Line Collective ★★★★ Pros: Funny, truthful and touching. Cons: Perhaps at times the pace of the dialogue was a little frenetic. I was little disappointed by the lack of London imagery in the stage design. Our Verdict: An intelligently put together, poignant exploration of modern London-based love. Credit: Sam Swainsbury City Love, by emerging writer, Simon Vinnicombe expertly explores modern relationships. It tells the story of Lucy and Jim. They are alone in London; both ...

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Win tickets to see Fuente Ovejuna! – Closed

Good news theatre fans: we’re giving away yet another set of free tickets! We’ve teamed up with Tangram Theatre to give you a chance to win two tickets to see their fantastic production Fuente Ovejuna at the CLF Art Cafe, London. A couple of facts for you to bear in mind about this: 1. We reviewed this show last month and it met with our approval. A cracking ★★★★★ show – our highest and rarest rating! Read the review here. 2. The two tickets are available exclusively for the performance on Sunday ...

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Fuente Ovejuna, CLF Art Café

Lope de Vega Adapted by Tangram Theatre Company Directed by Daniel Goldman ★★★★★ Pros: Has theatre ever been this fun?! Cons: I don’t know the meaning of the word. Our Verdict: Theatre at its best, simply do not miss it. Read our interview with Daniel Goldman, Director of Tangram Theatre here! Courtesy of Tangram Theatre Lope de Vega was Spain’s most prolific and famous author under the ruling of Felipe II of Castilla and I of Portugal. He wrote over ...

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The Shepherd’s Chameleon, CLF Art Cafe

Eugene Ionesco Directed by Moji Kareem ★★★ Pros: Both well-designed and well-acted, with an intriguing and thought provoking concept.Cons: Lofty subject matter and repetition made it a bit pretentious and at times hard to swallow.Our Verdict: Well-conceived and produced. Delightfully absurd at times, but perhaps an overly intellectual examination of theatre. Courtesy of Rob Sloetry Covell Eugene Ionesco is the king of avant-garde and absurdist theatre. With this production, Utopia Theatre tackles his apparently quite personal struggle with the place ...

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