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Doctor Faustus, Arcola Theatre – Review

Pros: Outstanding performances alongside a hauntingly beautiful choral composition. Cons: I wish I could have seen the actors’ faces better – more light next time please! If you had unlimited magical powers, how would you use them? Would you save the world and everyone in it, and then rest your laureled head on a white sandy beach? Forget it. The myth of Doctor Faustus is a reminder that our wish list is likely to be far more mundane, for example, ...

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Dido, Queen of Carthage, Greenwich Theatre

Christopher Marlowe Directed by Ricky Dukes ★★★ Pros: The puppetry was wonderfully executed and gave the play a strong sense of ingenuity. Cons: A lot of long speeches were delivered standing on the spot, so it was easy to lose interest after a little while. Our Verdict: A bold depiction of Marlowe’s tragedy holding an enticing taste of creative originality which, with a more visually stimulating set and pattern of movement, could well be fulfilled. Courtesy of Lazarus Theatre Company ...

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Dr Faustus, Network Theatre

Christopher Marlowe, adapted by Bernie C. Byrnes Director Bernie C. Byrnes ★★★ Pros: The themes of the play (the corruption of power and the struggle between personal morality and worldly temptation) are acutely condensed into an intelligent view on the faults of society today.  Cons: While the actors clearly understood the play inside out and presented an impressively cohesive and entertaining piece in half the usual rehearsal time, it did lack a certain polish.  Our Verdict: This play as a ...

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