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Ten of the most iconic theatres in London – Sponsored

The history of London’s theatres is almost the history of London itself, so enmeshed is the West End with the cultural tapestry of the capital. Folklore, tales of catastrophe and the personalities who make their name in the Smoke; all surround the bright lights of theatreland, and every year millions of tourists are entranced by the sweeping architecture and picture book antiquity of London’s glamorous pathway to the stars. Every name trips off the tongue even if you have never ...

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Othello: The Remix, Unicorn Theatre – Review

Written, directed and music by GQ and JQ Developed with Rick Boynton ★★★★ Pros: Fun, invigorating storytelling. Quite simply, ya gotta go! Cons: May be difficult for those who are cynical about adapting Shakespeare.  Our Verdict: Kick that cynicism out the door. Shakespeare would want you to. Credit: Michael  Brosilow Those theatre snobs who deem it sacrilege to stray from good ol’ Will’s classic text would do well to remember that Shakespeare based his famous tragedy on the Italian writer ...

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Othello, Shakespeare’s Globe

William ShakespeareRemixed by The Q Brothers★★★★★ Pros: A very strong and entertaining modernisation of a Shakespeare classic. Cons: The tragedy loses something in translation. Shakespeare’s original text is overwritten – not for purists. Our Verdict: A must-see, if nothing else to see a version of Othello quite unlike you have ever witnessed, or ever will again. Image courtesy of The Arts Desk Shakespeare’s Globe couldn’t have timed their Globe to Globe initiative any better. Coinciding with the World Shakespeare Festival, ...

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