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Features and Interviews

Here you’ll find our catalogue of interviews and features. We’ve interviewed numerous people we find interesting, and we’ve written about theatre events that have caught our imagination as well. So grab a cup of tea and have a good old browse!

Double, double, toil and… broken legs

Theatre people are a superstitious bunch. For good reasons too: throughout history, being involved in performance, especially as an actor, has come with its own unique set of dangers and difficulties, from being thrown out of the 15th century church to being thrown into the 21st century job market, life on stage is full of insecurities. Eva de Valk takes a look at some of the hundreds of theatrical superstitions used to combat these insecurities. The most well-known of course, ...

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A Communal Turn of Events

Community is everything and everywhere. But how can a play touring innumerable different communities relate to each and every one of them? Julie Griffiths discovers how The Events, a now-touring production using a different local choir at each new venue, does exactly that.

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