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Theatre Access Schemes – Part 3

In Part One of our Access Articles Sidonie explained what Theatre Access Schemes are, in Part Two she explained what a visit to the theatre is like to as an Access Customer.  Now in the third and final part, Sidonie uses her experience both as a customer and from working in theatre to examine how Access Customers can work with venues staff to ensure they are best served. Serving Access Customers As I’ve previously discussed, it can be difficult to ...

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Theatre Access Schemes – Part 2

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Part One of our Theatre Access Series looked at what exactly Access Schemes are and what it can mean to be an Access Customer. In Part Two, Sidonie shares her experience as an Access Customer while attending a recent performance. As with Part One, we hope this gives more insight and understanding as to why it’s important Access Schemes exist. Experience as an Access Customer So, what’s different for an Access Customer when they attend a performance? In many ways nothing, in ...

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