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Interview: Some Early Christmas Crumble

The Crumbling Creatives discuss The Seasonal Spectacular Extravaganza

When is it too early to start thinking about Christmas shows? If your answer is anytime before December, you might want to look away now. But if you’re open to starting the celebrations just a little earlier, then The Crumbling Creatives might have just what you need. For one night only, that night being 22 November, they are bringing us their latest comedy sketch show, The Seasonal Spectacular Extravaganza, to The Backyard Comedy Club. And hey, even if you think it’s too early for a Christmas show, we’re sure they will have something in there even for the biggest Christmas grinches around.

So who are The Crumbling Creatives then?

We are a dynamic all-female sketch comedy troupe, featuring Jane Elsmore, Madeline Pell, Leoni Amandin and Rosina Williams. Despite our very creative nature, we are continuously falling apart just a little as a consequence of the volatility of modern life, hence the name: The Crumbling Creatives. 

And what’s brought you all together?

We met and trauma bonded on an immersive acting job that shall not be named, for legal reasons. Fortunately, it brought us all together and our humour and love of plants helped us get through those difficult times, and continues to be the bedrock of our sisterhood.

The Seasonal Spectacular Extravaganza is in November, so we’re guessing it’s not a Christmas show?

Oh, we thought Christmas kicks off as soon as you throw out your Halloween pumpkins. And we will be doing just that during the interval… So it is partially a Christmas show.

What else is The Seasonal Spectacular Extravaganza going to bring?

Some spook before the cheer, a few references to current affairs, observational absurdism, a cast featuring two immigrants and 25% more ethnic diversity than Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, our concerns about elf welfare and potentially a little cameo by Rudolf himself.

Will there be lots of frantic costume changes going on?

It certainly does get hectic at certain points in the show, there are only four of us. 

Are there any particular favourite sketches that we should definitely look out for?

All of them, why would one pick between their children? (Though Maddie doesn’t care much for the hoes, you’ll see why…)

The Backyard Comedy Club is not a place we’re familiar with, what can people expect from it?

The Backyard is a fantastic venue in Bethnal Green steeped in comedy prestige, having been graced by the likes of Dave Chapelle, Aisling Bea, Rosina Williams, Russel Howard, Madeline Pell, Sarah Pascoe, Joe Lycett, Leoni Amandin, Jo Brand, Catherine Ryan, and Jane Elsmore.

The show’s on for just one night, is this to test out new material or just because you are all too busy with other projects?

As a new comedy troupe filling a 300 seater venue, one night seemed appropriate. Don’t get us wrong, the material is all brand new, but we’re not testing, this is your one chance in life to see it!

And what’s next for The Crumbling Creatives?

We are gearing up for our Coffee and Anxiety Tour in the new year, bringing back some audience favourites and lots of fresh material. Unfortunately the tour is limited to the UK, but we will not forget about our hoards of international fans. Soon you’ll be able to see select silliness online. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll start a podcast.

Thanks to the team at Crumbling Creatives. The Seasonal Spectacular Extravaganza plays for one night only at The Backyard Comedy Club (Bethnal Green) on Wednesday 22 November. Further information and tickets available here.

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