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freddie Valostra

Interview: Turning OCD into Great Theatre

Freddie Valdosta talks about her OCD and how it shaped Flip The Switch

We came across Little Bonsai‘s Freddie Valdosta when her show, Flip The Switch, performed as part of The Fright Before Christmas; a collection of short horror plays curated by Harpy Productions and Danse Macabre and performed for one night only at The Space.

Not only did Flipping The Switch blow us away, it was similary loved by the rest of the audience who voted it the best of the night. So we were really excited when Freddie agreed to join us for a chat about the show, how it was inspired by her own battles with OCD, and just what else she has planned. She also found time to admit to writing teen fan fiction, although we haven’t (yet) been able to find it online, much to her relief we suspect.

Little Bonsai has also made a video of the show avaialble, which you can view on YouTube. Note that this was recorded on the evening with just a smartphone and so is not of professional quality. However it is still a good opportunity to catch this interesting short play and understand just what we were talking about in the interview.

You can also hear the mentioned podcast here: Plaguetown podcast: Alan RIckman episode

We plan to watch out for future work by Freddie and so we’ll keep you updated.

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