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Interview: Every (100) Paintings tell a story

Makespace Productions talk about the making of 100 Paintings

This five part interview was first broadcast on Runn Radio on 25 August 2021. The interview was with writer, Jack Stacey, director, Zachary Hart and Jane Christie who plays Breatriz in the show.

Part 1: Jack Stacey on what 100 Paintings is all about.
Part 2: DIrector Zachary Hart on what’s involved in making the play.
Part 3: Jane Christie on her character within the play and how the play has developed
Part 4: Working together as a team
Part 5: More about 100 Paintings

100 Paintings @ Bread and Roses Theatre

Set in an absurd dystopian future, ‘100 PAINTINGS’ tells the story of a young artist and his mother struggling to survive in the crumbling Savoy Hotel. Battling with mountains of unpaid hotel bills, the young artist has three days to produce one-hundred original paintings and deliver them to the new hotel manager or he and his mother face being turned out onto the street. With hilarious distractions coming in full force, the young artist struggles to keep on course to meet the deadline, but help often comes from the most unexpected of places…

The play is currently on at Bread and Roses Theatre until Saturday 28 August. You can book tickets here

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