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Camden Fringe: Two Heads Are Better Than One, Etcetera Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013


Pros: A different kind of theatrical experience that combines mime and clowning to create a fresh new plot.

Cons: Some of the scenes dragged a bit at times.

Our Verdict: An unusual and enjoyable evening.

Courtesy of Camden Fringe

In Two Heads Are Better Than One, performers Anna Haskell-Thomas and Verity Hicks lead us into a story where spoken language is made redundant. Through theatrical clowning the troupe portray what happens when two different people, with different ‘heads’ and contrasting thoughts about them share every aspect of their lives. Are two heads better than one?

It begins with the two characters in bed, as the scene develops, they start to establish the clash between two very different personalities that must coexist, and which ultimately makes for their inevitable separation. They are strongly dependent and somehow completely incompatible, this makes a very good setting for outrageous situations, gags and miming to come about. Anna and Verity shape the characters to be different sides of the same coin and they back it up very cleverly with costumes, soundtracks for the two parts, likes and dislikes and little things that come up through their living together

The plot has a circular structure that works very well with the way the roles are presented It follows a pattern of happy coexistence marked by tiny traces of disagreement that eventually build up to create a crack in their efficient routine. At this moment, Anna and Verity give it their all, there’s silent karaoke to the tunes and intense fighting that Rocky Balboa would have approved of. They try to go back to the way things were, but this time as a single head, on their own. With more amusing disaster and miming along the way.

Two Heads are Better Than One delivers a new form of acting. Their clown performance draws from the resources of theatre and performance, they try to convey a story plot, establish a connection with the audience and give a structured line through the events that is easy to follow given the lack of verbal communication. The end result was a sort of Marcel Marceau meets the Pink Panther. It definitely needed some polishing on the comical scenes and at times these dragged on a bit. But overall it was a very enjoyable experience, something new and different that draws from a very difficult art form.

If you feel like experimenting with your theatre choices, two heads are better than one is the way to go. It combines elements from classic miming, clown techniques and a more modern soundtrack and themes to the plot. Well done Anna and Verity, this was something unexpected but very entertaining.

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Sadly, Two Heads Are Better Than One is no longer running.
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