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Camden Fringe Audience Feedback: A Big Kid on a Couch

Average Audience Rating: ★★★½

Everything Theatre Rating: ★★

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Until 2nd August at the The Forge

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Anonymous – ★★★★
“Tom Harding has brilliantly combined his own memories to iconic cinematic moments.
His alter ego portrayed within a teddy. The idea of how film is a big kids toy.
The honesty of the show. That he knew the music was too loud and that the stage was smaller then he had expected. Even admitting that he didn’t want to lug a sofa everywhere so we, the audience had to use the imagination we were all so blessed to have. There were never in jokes but merely guess the film quote/ moment. Tom accomplished something I thought only movies could accomplish. He entertained the child I am still and the adult I have become today. Kept me gripped from beginning to end, leaving me craving more.”

Anonymous – ★★★★

“Was a great show, well worth seeing, i would highly recommend the show.”
George Chandler, Coulsdon – ★★★★★
“I was impressed with the relationship between characterisation and concept. Hardings ability to capture the audiences imagination through powerful adaptations, impressions, and correct assumptions was the most impressive factor. Furthermore his welcoming and relatable persona sparked a constant and structured theme, resulting in a versatile and emotional adventure. Hardings capacity to transform was equally comedic as it was serious, bringing an original dynamic to the stage. The show will certainly leave audiences satisfied as its various genre transformations makes it unquestionably brilliant.”

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