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Camden Fringe Audience Feedback: It’s All Geek to Me

Average Audience Rating: ★★★★★
Everything Theatre Rating: ★★★★

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Until 31st July at the Camden Head

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Anonymous – ★★★★★
“A very funny show.

Tone of the show was perfectly balanced – Dillon-Trenchard was geeky without being alienating to the less nerdy of us, confident without seeming arrogant, and more than amusing enough to justify the ticket price. Topics covered were wide-ranging, covering geek dating, sci-fi conventions – even furries. Jokes fly thick and fast, and the show ends with a storming bit involving a flip chart.

In short, very satisfied audience member. Would see again.”

Richard Wright, London – ★★★★
“I’m a geek. I love and watch stand up comedy, probably to a stupid level. And let me tell you that in terms of geek comedy there is very little out there better then Pete Dillon-Trenchard and he shows it in this show. This show can be enjoyed by those who aren’t geekily inclined but if you are then this show goes to a whole new level for you. The structure of the show is clever, the concept is well thought out and delivers everything you would want and more and the jokes are clean, crisp, well written and expertly delivered from a stand up who is only getting better every time he gets on stage. The fact that every performance of this show is and has been sold out gives you an indication of what’s to come. This isn’t the last show that this talented stand up comedian will sell out.”

Gary Shaw, Harlow – ★★★★★

“Thoroughly enjoyable. Don’t worry if Geek is your thing or not, you’ll know most of the references, but still love the jokes about the ones you don’t.
A brilliantly written hour of comedy, the only gaps between laughs were Pete Dillon-Trenchard’s taking a drink to soothe a sore throat. He soldiered on regardless and gave a sterling performance.
It was deservedly sold out and hard to believe that it was only listed for three early evening shows. I hope this continues after the Fringe. Unmissable stand-up comedy from a new and unique star”

Tom Mayhew, Tring – ★★★★★
“Pete-Dillon Trenchard takes an audience through all things geek, with plenty of big laughs along the way. Even as someone who would be considered a “part-time” geek – I am not an expert at all – I loved the show.”

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