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Potted Potter, Garrick Theatre

Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner
Directed by Richard Hurst


Pros: An excellent , well-honed, very funny show which everyone should enjoy regardless of their pre-existing Harry Potter knowledge!

Cons: I can’t complain, I left will a smile on my face, as did most of the audience. If anything, I wanted more!

Our Verdict: Need a way to entertain children for 70 minutes one afternoon? Or just want to laugh at some innocent, old-fashioned humour? Then this one’s for you.

Courtesy of the Garrick Theatre

It seems unlikely that when Dan Clarkson and Jeff Turner performed a five-minute street show before the release of Harry Potter book six, they realised that eight years later their show would be expanded to over seventy minutes and have been on a worldwide tour. And despite the fact that they’ve been performing it on and off since then, the show remains hugely energetic and engaging and both men do their utmost to ensure that everyone in the audience has an enjoyable experience.

This is a show obviously aimed at children but as with all good children’s theatre, it manages to engage everyone in the audience. Likewise, both fans and novices will find the show funny. It somehow manages to tread the fine line between merciless teasing and loving tribute. It is a show seeped in good humour – no cruelty or maliciousness has a place here.

Jeff plays the straight man, the Harry Potter aficionado who adopts the title role in their retellings and Dan is the dim novice who must spend most of the show rushing around as all of the other characters. The two men are a classic comedy pairing. They both clearly enjoy performing the piece and their excitement seeps into the audience.

The show is very silly in places and all the better for it. From disastrous quick changes, truly ridiculous accents, brilliant physical comedy and a game of Quidditch played across the entire auditorium – nothing lets this show down.

Over the years this show has been honed, adapted and shaped into a piece of very good theatre. I defy even the biggest grouch to come out without a smile on their face.

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Potted Potter runs at The Garrick Theatre until 21st April 2013.
Box office: 0845 505 8500 or book online at http://www.londontheatredirect.com/play/929/Potted-Potter-tickets.aspx

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