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Fancy something a bit different from the norm? Something immersive, or something taking place in a caravan perhaps? Here you’ll find reviews of some of the most interesting and unique shows that we’ve seen.

Strawberry Vale, Ovalhouse – Review

Credit: Everything Theatre

Pros: Beautiful music and great hand-drawn animation. Cons: Despite being short, it was a bit too drawn out at certain points. Part of the First Bites programme at the Ovalhouse, Strawberry Vale is a work-in-progress and so the showing was a short sneak peak at a future full length production. Featuring the use of digital images, some props and a solo female performer, it was an intriguing insight. The story is of a teenage girl who fears that becoming an adult will mean ...

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YOUARENOWHERE, Shoreditch Town Hall – Review

Credit: Maria Baranova

Pros: Unique in every way, with stage trickery that is bound to stay with you for the rest of your theatre-going life. Cons: Theatre at its best but something this unconventional will not be for everybody. : Walking along Shoreditch High Street, no one seemed to be able to tell me where Shoreditch Town Hall was. It took me four attempts to find a passer-by who could finally point me in the direction of what was once the grandest vestry hall ...

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Handle with Care, Urban Locker Old Street – Review


Pros: A really interesting piece of immersive theatre, cleverly choreographed in an extremely unusual space. Cons: Could have been a little more succinct in places, and it was sometimes difficult to see bits of the action because of the space. Handle with Care is the story of Zoe and the superfluous stuff she collects throughout her life, which she holds in a storage unit that grows in size as we see her go from a young adult to a grieving ...

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