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Golem Theatre's 'I Know You Of Old' at the Hope Theatre

Interview: Anna Marsland and David Fairs on ‘I Know You of Old’

Anna Marsland and David Fairs of Golem! Theatre talk putting a new twist on a Shakespearean classic in 'I Know You Of Old'.

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Arthur Miller's 'Incident at Vichy' at the King's Head Theatre, directed by Phil Willmott (Photo by Scott Rylander)

Interview: Phil Willmott on ‘Incident at Vichy’

Director Phil Willmott talks criticism, directing at The Scoop and bringing Arthur Miller's 'Incident at Vichy' back to the stage.

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Christopher Adams and Florence Roberts in rehearsal for Sarah Page's 'Punts' at Theatre503 (Photo by Claudia Marinaro)

Interview: Sarah Page on ‘Punts’

'Punts' playwright Sarah Page tells us about finding the humour and humanity in a divisive issue.

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Charlotte Josephine in Snuff Box Theatre's 'BLUSH' (Photo Credit: The Other Richard)

Interview: Charlotte Josephine on ‘BLUSH’

Playwright Charlotte Josephine talks tackling difficult questions in 'BLUSH' at Soho Theatre.

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