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Therese Ramstedt in 'Mission Abort' Edinburgh Fringe Festival of Choice

Interview: Therese Ramstedt on ‘Mission Abort’

Following performances in Edinburgh and Amnesty International's Festival of Choice, Therese Ramstedt reflects on her one-woman show 'Mission Abort'.

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'Hair the Musical' at The Vaults waterloo

Interview: ‘Hair the Musical’ at The Vaults

The director and cast of 'Hair' at The Vaults tell us why this is the perfect time to bring the 50-year-old musical back to the stage.

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The cast of 'The Comedy About a Bank Robbery' at the Criterion Theatre on the West End

Interview: Tania Mathurin on ‘The Comedy About a Bank Robbery’

Actress Tania Mathurin tells us about performing in the West End hit 'The Comedy About a Bank Robbery'.

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'Million Dollar Quartet' at Queen's Theatre Hornchurch Peter Duncan

Interview: Peter Duncan on ‘Million Dollar Quartet’

'Blue Peter' presenter Peter Duncan talks bringing Memphis, Tennessee, to the stage in 'Million Dollar Quartet'.

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