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Aidan Coburn performs in 'Night in Vienna' at the launch event for Opera in the City Festival at Bridewell Theatre

Opera in the City Festival Brings Accessible Opera to the Bridewell Theatre

A new August festival brings accessible opera at affordable prices to the heart of the City.

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Miss Polly Rae Between the Sheets Underbelly Festival

Interview: Miss Polly Rae on ‘Between the Sheets’

Miss Polly Rae tells us about 'Between the Sheets' and shares saucy secrets from the world of burlesque.

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Cabaret performer Tori Scott

Interview: Cabaret Performer Tori Scott

Cabaret performer Tori Scott tells us about her 'tragically true' tales and cabaret career ahead of her solo show at Brasserie Zedel.

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As Actors: Manila web series with Hugo Chiarella and Tamyln Henderson

Interview: Hugo Chiarella & Tamlyn Henderson on ‘As Actors: Manila’

Australian actors Hugo Chiarella and Tamlyn Henderson tell us more about their web series 'As Actors: Manila'.

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