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Welcome to The Etties

The ET End of Year Fringe Theatre Awards

What are they?

The Everything Theatre Fringe Theatre Awards, or Etties for short, are simply going to be our fun round up of the year. In the past, come December we’ve asked our reviewers to pick some highlights and published these over Christmas. This year though we thought we’d do things a little differently. So we’ve introduced the Etties.

They will be our way of highlighting some of the best fringe theatre we’ve seen during the year. It’s not highly scientific: after all, we have around 40 people reviewing for us, all of whom will no doubt have different opinions on what has been the best thing they have seen this year.

But as we will have seen (hopefully) around 400 shows during 2022, we reckon we have a good range of productions to select from, and this will be our little way to sing the praises of some of those we loved.

As well as this, we’ll have a few non-show categories, just to make it a little more fun for everyone at ET and to show our love to all those who have contributed this year.

Which shows are eligible?

Firstly, it has to be a show we’ve reviewed! Then it has to come under what we feel is the fringe banner – which is quite a hard one to define, but basically it will exclude all those big productions such as the West End or big touring shows.

Then any show we award 4 or 5 stars will be up for consideration. It really is that simple.

Who will decide the winners?

For many of the categories, we’ve handed the decision making over to a Head Judge; a member of our reviewing team we feel has a strong interest in that category. Their job will be to look at all eligible show reviews and somehow decide on a shortlist of five.

For most of the non-show based awards, we’re planning to have our editorial team create the shortlist.

These shortlists will then be put forward to a small judging panel made up from members of our editorial and reviewing team. The plan will be to spend an evening arguing it out and no-one gets to leave until we’ve got all the winners agreed upon.

What are the categories?

For eligible shows we’re going to have the following categories (and head judges):

  • Best musical – Head Judge: Lily Middleton
  • Best drama – Head Judge: Dave Bushe
  • Best comedy – Head Judge: Jane Gian
  • Best children’s/family show – Head Judge: Mary Pollard
  • Best immersive experience – Head Judge: Steve Caplin
  • Best show outside of London – Head Judge: Polly Allen

In addition to these, we are also going to have a few categories more for our own fun and enjoyment.

  • Favourite fringe venue (we will be accepting free drinks as bribes towards getting shortlisted for this)
  • Weirdest/ most unexpected moment whilst reviewing
  • Review of the year (simply the review we feel was the most fun to read, whether it was 2 stars or 5)
  • Reviewer of the year (our reviewers’ chance to bribe us for the honour of having this title for the next 12 months)

What will the winners receive?

Our heartfelt love and if they want, they can put “Etties 2022 winner” on their next show poster! We might even send them a lovely certificate (subject to our graphic designer having the time!)

When will the winners be announced?

We haven’t fixed dates yet, but we hope to announce all the winners during our Runn Radio show one Wednesday evening in December. We’ll announce the details a little closer to the time.

How can you get involved?

If you want to be part of our reviewing team, we’re always looking for new people. You can find out more about joining us here.

If you want to get involved in any other way, we’re also always looking for people to help write features, put together interviews, or even help with the website. Again check our the Join Our Team page for further info. It can be a lot of fun, and look very good on your CV!