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The Collective Project, Camden People’s Theatre – Review

Andrew Curtis, Will Howells, Mike Carter, Joseph Lidster, Guleraana Mir, Jo Pockett, Polly Churchill and Kate Webster Directed by Neil Sheppeck, Chris Lawson, Gavin Dent, Richard Jacques, Saraha Ford, Madelaine Moore, Bryony Thomas and Laura Kim ★★★ Pros: Every short play was witty and had moments of light and dark. Having female writers and directors with an all-male cast (and vice versa) made for some interesting perspectives. Cons: Some of the plays fell into the trap of becoming “message plays” ...

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The Significant Other Festival, Park Theatre

Presented by The Pensive Federation ★★★★ Pros: An excellent short-play challenge with great results Cons: A couple of noticeably weaker pieces within the 10 plays. Our Verdict: An overall enjoyable evening of short plays, with the added fun of a competitive spirit and participation from the audience as well. Courtesy of The Pensive Federation I’ve seen a lot of short plays in the past month or so, but The Pensive Federation’s Significant Other Festival has far and away been my ...

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The Platform, The Bread and Roses Pub

Johnny Did Not Come Marching Home, by Sharon M. Andrews, Directed by Tom Skitt Just Desserts, by Will Howells, Directed by Nathaniel Francis Skeleton, by David Payne, Directed by Kuba Drewa Cold Calling, by Suzette Coon, Directed by Tessa Hart Hamlet in Hiding, by Rich Rubin, Directed by Dominic Danson ★★★ Pros: A great survey of new works that showcase some truly blossoming talent. Cons: Not all the pieces are well-fleshed out, and some still require a lot of work. ...

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