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Arms And The Man, Watford Palace Theatre – Review

Pros: Some very funny performances Cons: Occasional lulls in energy After Shakespeare, Bernard Shaw (the erstwhile George is discouraged these days) is one of the most frequently produced playwrights in the theatrical canon, and Arms and the Man is a fine example of why his appeal is so enduring. The combination of high intelligence, wit and social awareness can be intoxicating for an audience, and the boldness of his characters is endlessly attractive to actors. In the right hands, Shaw’s ...

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Equally Divided, Watford Palace Theatre

Ronald Harwood Directed by Brigid Larmour ★★★ Pros: A great cast and a polished production featuring funny and touching moments. Cons: The last leg of the play unfortunately does not compare in quality to the first two-thirds. Our Verdict: A very decent production in most ways, which sadly loses some of its impact since the conclusion unravels before the curtain closes. Courtesy of Watford Palace Theatre It’s always nice to see an old-fashioned parlour-room drama which manages to compete in ...

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