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A Boy and His Soul, Tricycle Theatre – Review

Colman DomingoDirected by Titas Halder★★★★★ Pros: Colman Domingo’s endless energy is contagious in this fun yet emotional piece. Cons: The concept is not original and the show doesn’t experiment with new ideas or new types of theatre. Our Verdict: A thoroughly enjoyable show which will get your feet tapping to some awesome tunes. You’ll leave with a smile on your face. Courtesy of tricycle.co.uk The basic premise of A Boy and his Soul has been seen on stage many times: ...

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Paper Dolls, Tricycle Theatre

Philip HimbergDirected by Indhu Rubasingham★★★ Pros: This show is lively, enchanting and huge fun. Lovely characters and wonderful music. Cons: There is a lack of focus in the script and some overacting from the cast. Our Verdict: Flawed, but wonderful.  Courtesy of The Tricycle Theatre The Tricycle theatre is a terrific, quirky space which is both a theatre and a cinema. It also serves jerk chicken for £7 – one of the best I’ve ever eaten and feels like the kind of ...

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Red Velvet, Tricycle Theatre

Lolita ChakrabartiDirected by Indhu Rubasingham★★★★ Pros: Lolita Chakrabarti’s script allows audiences to see a flawed yet brilliant man let down by London. Cons: It’s a shame about the last thirty seconds before the lights go dark at the end. The last scene is the only really weakness in the entire show. Our Verdict: A very important man has been left out of the history books because he was black. A brilliant, succinct show with neat yet complex characters that mirror ...

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The Bomb (Second Blast), Tricycle Theatre

Ryan Craig, David Greig, Zinnie Harris, Diana Son and Colin Teevan Directed by Nicolas Kent ★★★ Pros: A fascinating commentary on the influences and dangers of nuclear weapons in the modern world. Cons: A shame it is truncated into two productions – it seems bizarre not to present the origins of the bomb alongside its consequences. Sometimes feels like too much of a geopolitics lecture.  Our Verdict: An urgent and interesting production overall, and a fitting swansong for Nicolas Kent.  ...

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